Steel stairs

Steel stairs as solid support

Steel stairs give your room elegance, modernity and lightness. Especially when combined with wood the stainless steel stair is an elegant access. The wood provides a pleasant ambience, down to earthness and warmth. The stainless steel enhances the wooden stair and lends it lightness and grace.

Cobra Gold

Extraordinary stair design with golden treads

Black Mamba - Steel staircase

Steel staircase BLACK MAMBA - Strings and treads in steel

Cantilevered stair in steel, Cubus 1

Cantilevered staircase in steel 

Cantilevered stair in steel, Cubus 2

Cantilevered staircase in steel

Cantilevered stair in steel, Cubus 3

Cantilevered staircase in steel

Tornado Inspire

Seamless helical or spiral stair design, all colors and stucko possible


Extraordinary helical stair designs

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